Truman Heartland Community Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Platte County Senior Fund has partnered with Truman Heartland Community Foundation. Truman Heartland Community Foundation assists non profit organizations to connect with community members who want to donate or leave a legacy gift to Platte County Senior Fund. These gifts will help to continue and support our mission to enhance the quality of life and independence of Platte County senior citizens. Platte County Senior Fund recognizes there is no place like Home.

For more information, or to donate, click this button:

Platte County Senior Fund

Your philanthropic partnership with our organization is vital to fulfilling our mission to allow our seniors to thrive, and in some cases, survive. Gifts of any size are greatly valued, and help support Platte County’s older adults. There are many giving options for you to consider.

For any questions regarding donations or ways to give, please call the PCSF office at 816-270-2800.

Checks – Please make checks payable to:

Platte County Senior Fund
12200 N. Ambassador Dr., Ste 206, Kansas City, MO 64163

For more information, contact: